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    Why we don't have to worry about Battle Creek cancellation

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    Why we don't have to worry about Battle Creek cancellation

    Post by AgentRilton on Thu May 07, 2015 4:47 pm

    I wanted to explain quickly, why it is very likely that we will have Battle Creek for a long time despite its ratings on CBS.

    Battle Creek, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, has been sold to over 100 territories in the world.
    From the Sony (SPT) website:

    "Sony Pictures Television (SPT) has sold its hotly anticipated new drama Battle Creek to over 100 territories around the world across Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America. "

    The most important part? Canada is one of those territories. Meaning even if CBS cancels Battle Creek because of the ratings, we fans will still be able to watch the series either on our local TV stations, or on the internet through streaming or downloads.

    "The drama has also been picked up in Canada by SHAW Media..."

    No doubt you have seen the "Global" symbol on many Battle Creek screenshots and gifs on Tumblr! 

    That is the Shaw Media channel that has been airing Battle Creek (for those living outside Canada). And we're pretty sure that even if BC leaves CBS, Global will continue to air the second season and beyond, leaving us with no worries.

    Apart from that, we may be surprised by the power of Sony in helping with Battle Creek's renewal. Not only is Battle Creek a really high quality show, but being backed by Sony, two great actors as main characters and created by Vince Gilligan/David Shore, maybe BC has a lot going for it. 

    No matter which entertainment site you visit, they predict a 0% chance of Battle Creek being renewed on CBS. And maybe they are right? But there is a good chance also that we will all be surprised with a Season 2 renewal for Battle Creek.

    So, there really is no need to worry about our beloved Battle Creek disappearing from existence after Season 1! Razz

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    Re: Why we don't have to worry about Battle Creek cancellation

    Post by prettygoodpizzas on Thu May 07, 2015 5:17 pm

    Don't be concerned about Battle Creek's ratings. 

    Battle Creek is 100% guaranteed to be renewed.

    One thing about ratings is, you should never look at them in a bubble. You need to look at the lead-in for the show and its retention. The Good Wife airs right before Battle Creek and BC has done great at retaining viewers. 

    Look at the table for Good Wife starting on March 1st: here

    And the table for Battle Creek starting on March 1st: here

    If we're going with just averages, then Battle Creek manages to retain 66.6% of Good Wife viewers. Then when you actually look at the weekly stats, it is retaining even more than that.

    Example: Last Sunday, Good Wife had 0.9/8.35mil. Battle Creek retained 0.7/6.180!! That is pretty impressive. Battle Creek isn't expected to do better than its lead-in, and it's doing pretty well for a Sunday night with Good Wife as its lead-in. Don't count on Battle Creek being cancelled anytime soon.

    Everybody remember I said this when Battle Creek gets renewed.
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    Re: Why we don't have to worry about Battle Creek cancellation

    Post by Chambernew on Sat May 09, 2015 12:57 am

    Pizzas, sadly it's been cancelled ...

    We aren't sure about if they'll keep making it for the other countries either.

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    Re: Why we don't have to worry about Battle Creek cancellation

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