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    Can We Really Bring Battle Creek Back?

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    Can We Really Bring Battle Creek Back?

    Post by AgentRilton on Tue May 12, 2015 2:57 am

    Some Battle Creek fans on Tumblr want to seriously try and get Battle Creek back. So I decided to do a little reading on what would be required for fans to get their favorite cancelled show back.

    FYI: It's very rare for fans to convince broadcasters to bring back their favorite shows. In the cases where fans succeeded, they did more than just whine on Twitter or leave comments on articles. As a recognizable entity, they spread their love AND their protests all over the internet.

    So let's do a short "case study": the Hannibal fandom. 
    Hannibal was cancelled on NBC and the sheer passion of Fannibals convinced them to bring it back.
    Studying another fandom to help us out might seem desperate, but so what? We ARE desperate. Battle Creek is amazing and if we really want it back, we'll all have to go the extra mile, or just forget the whole thing.

    Why were Fannibals able to get Hannibal back despite being a young fandom?

    -they have a fandom NAME (fannibals)
    -tumblr and reddit campaign
    -they reblog quotes. Lots of quotes.
    -lots of fan art and memes. Amazing fanart.
    -Good number of fanfics
    -they live tweet during the show with creative hashtags.
    -Believe that their show is unique and irreplaceable
    -this article 
    -they raised the ratings by 70% when the show was brought back

    Most importantly, fan buzz can increase the show's chances of being PICKED UP BY ANOTHER NETWORK
    "...Hannibal was receiving so much buzz on sites like Tumblr and Reddit, ... that despite low ratings other networks were already taking interest in the show in case NBC did not renew it..."

    Everything above can be summarized as: THEY LOVE THE SHOW.

    Can we really do the same thing? 
    Is the Battle Creek fandom willing and able to do the same? We are too quiet as a fandom. And clearly not many fans are on Tumblr, or at least they don't really post about it. So I don't know if the Battle Creek fandom has any real chance with the way we are RIGHT NOW.

    What we would need to do:

    • Make ourselves an entity with a name
    • Be loud and outspoken on Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit. 
    • Create more fan works.
    • Spread stuff everywhere.


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